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Access to NCIAA approved Training, Insurance, Music Licensing, Discounts



NCIAA collaborates between companies and works together so we can ensure our industry remains a cornerstone of the economy. To protect members and to regulate the industry, key partners are certified through our PEER- Peer Evaluation Endorsement & Review program.


• Royalties Registry (receive automatic payments from Music Licensing, Copyright Publishing, Distribution) 


• Music licensing 
• Music systems
• Digital Promotional Content Pool (music and videos)


NCIAA provides insight into new markets for present and future trends and open up a world of invaluable peer friendships. NCIAA offers other resources, such as classes, seminars, workshops, presentations, educational materials, conferences, symposiums, competitions, award shows, networking and charitable events.

• Training & Certification 



NCIAA activities intended to encourage people to participate in the electoral process, such as voter registration and get-out-the-vote drives, to educate the public on policy and the activities of regulatory bodies that affects members. We support or oppose particular legislation at the local, state, and national level that impacts our industry, but not tied to a specific candidate or party.



Proprietary Members-Only Media, Artwork, Website, Newsletter, Publications & Informational services

• (job search) Restaurant, Nightclub, Bar, Resort, Casino, Hospitality jobs

• (industry supplies) Restaurant, Nightclub, Bar, Resort Products & Supplies
• (industry newswire) Covering newspapers, magazines, blogs, websites
• (electronic monitoring) Charts of Clubs, DJs/VJs, Record Pools, Remix Contests

• (location-based info) City Guide to nightlife, restaurants, shopping, accommodations
• (content syndication) Videos from professional sources
• (broadcast distribution) DJ audio streams and music mixes

News Monitoring
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• Live Event Broadcasting, Syndication, Distribution, and Ecommerce Solutions



• Contests and Remix Projects 

• Press, Advertising and Online Marketing 


Process your clients Credit Cards and Debit Cards on your smart phone for your products and services. NCIAA features a powerful Events Calendar and Tools to Market & Manage Professional Events, Sell Tickets, Digital Downloads, and PPV.




NCIAA provides access to a variety of top rated carriers with the most competitive rates in the industry. Entertainment, business, life, health, accident, critical illness, auto, home and renters insurance discounts. We also offer non-Insurance discounts on dental, vision, prescriptions and telemedicine. Identity theft protection and roadside assistance services are available.



NCIAA provides Access to project leads, jobs, fellowships, internships, experts and professional businesses. NCIAA allows employers to post hospitality & service industry job listings in your area. Job seekers can find positions as a DJ, bartender, manager, promoter, server, or security.




NCIAA provides Networking Opportunities with fellow professional peers, colleagues and recognized experts. NCIAA creates communication opportunities for government, members, the public, media, customers, suppliers, and vendors; to meet and discuss mutual problems and solutions, including possible industry innovations and new ideas.

 • Professional Assistance
• Product and Vendor Sales & Leasing Discounts


• Travel & Hospitality Discounts & Assistance


NCIAA evolved from improving a favorable public image of the nightlife industry, to advocating positive views on issues that protect our businesses. NCIAA sponsors competitions, event promotions, social media and participatory media.

• Global DJ & Artist Booking, Ticketing, & Guestlist Options


• Nightlife and Street Team Promotions






Tools to share news, information, issues, legal developments & anti-club activity. Members-Only Directory Listing with interactive profile and messaging features. Share Profiles, Photos, Send Messages, Vote, Rate, Review & Comment. Access to Award Shows, Conferences, Meetings, Symposiums, Workshops, Seminars & Tours. NCIAA takes pride in giving back a portion of event and member proceeds donated to worthy charitable organizations related to the service industry.

Save Money & Support Your Industry by Becoming a Member Today!

Join and get these benefits:

  • Discounted Employee Trainings 
  • Discounted Business Coaching
  • Software and Marketing Tools
  • Exclusive Event Invitations
  • Members Only Competitions
  • Exclusive website tools and content
  • Discounts on programs and events
  • Exclusive offers from partners
  • Electronic newsletter
  • Nightclub & Bar Show discounts
  • Nightlife Association's Safety Guide
  • “I Support the Nightlife Association” tshirt.


Use discounts to reinvest back into your business:

  • employee trainings - save 10-50% off
  • business coaching services - save $1000 on first session 
  • software applications - save 20-60% off
  • marketing & promotional tools - save 25-55% off
  • music licensing fees – save $300 per year (Avg. $1500 per year)
  • payroll processing fees – save $350 /year (Avg. $200 /month)
  • workers’ comp insurance – save $3000 /year (Avg. $150k payroll)
  • statutory disability insurance – save $1000 /year (Avg. 20 employees)
  • credit card processing – save $4000 /year (Avg. $15k /month sales)
  • energy bills – save $4500 /year (Avg. $1000 /month in gas & electric)
  • telephone bill – save $600 /year (Avg. $300 /month)
  • security system purchase – save $1000 (Avg. $5000 cost)
  • industry magazine subscriptions - save $500 (Avg. $50 each)
  • industry conferences and events - save $50-250 at each event