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The Official Trade Organization of the Nightlife & Club Industry
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Founded in 1989 as a non-profit with a mission to promote and support the positive contributions of the nightlife & club industry. Our focus evolved from protecting the electronic dance music & rave festival community from negative attacks, to pioneering a Professional Directory service for DJ & Club staff. Our marketing initiatives and social awareness programs have expanded our broader goals of assisting businesses and communities to promote safe and vibrant nightlife activity, that supports creative and financial vitality.


Our mission is to advocate the positive economic, social and cultural contributions of the nightlife & club industry.


• Protect member's intellectual, property and First Amendment rights and promote responsibility.
Combat unjust and unproductive laws being threatened by special interest groups against us.
• Serve as federal, state, municipal "legislative watchdog" to review laws, regulations & policies.
• Respond to proposals impacting our industry through policy consensus from experts in our field.
• Advocate our values, ideas or opinions as a liaison with regulatory agencies governing industry.
• Curb Abuse and Coordinate Safety & Security between clubs, law enforcement and City officials.
• Protect, represent and educate our members to serve the industry through coordinated activities.
• Educate our members, media, elected officials, civic and community leaders on industry issues.
• Awareness of the economic, social and cultural contributions of establishments and employees.


NCIAA provides International Nightlife Professionals (on-site staff, decision makers and innovators) the leading source for news, trends, tools, resources, and strategies to maximize benefits, increase revenues, address challenges, launch marketing programs, and develop employment opportunities. NCIAA participates in public relations activities such as education, politics, networking, standardization, publishing, advertising, and discounts.



NCIAA is overseen and governed by its Executive Board. Local Associations are governed by Regional, State and Chapter Boards of Directors. Activities are coordinated by Executive Committees, Advisory Boards, Volunteer Member Committees and Research Groups that provide input for public relations activities and event participation.




Nightlife coordinators and associations; Public, private and government entities that advocate on behalf of nightlife.
Community: Residential, retail, social advocacy and university interests in mixed-use districts. Students, Realtors, Rental Agents, and Elected Officials
Development: Public, private and government agencies and organizations that plan, develop and manage hospitality zones. Owners, Banks, Transportation, Parking, Sanitation.
Entertainment: DJ’s; Musicians, Artists, Producers and Record Labels; Music & Entertainment Programmers; Performers, Models and Dancers.
Establishments: Restaurant, Nightclub, Bar, Lounge, Tavern, Pub, Theater, Live Music Venue, Event Center, Hotel & Casino business owners and managers.


Designers and Developers; Hosts, Bartenders and Wait Staff; Food and Beverage Managers; Catering & Purchasing Directors; Lighting/Sound & Video Directors; Security & Loss Prevention
Marketing: Marketing & Promotions Directors; Promoters and Booking Agents; Public Relations & Advertising Agencies.
Photographers and News, Print, Broadcast, Internet, Media and Public Relations Organizations.


Academics who investigate and analyze trends in nightlife relating to social and economic impacts of nighttime activity in communities, districts and cities. Marketing companies, lifestyle, employment, demographic, data collectors.
Safety: Regulatory, enforcement and code compliance agencies responsible for protecting public safety to ensure continued vitality of the nighttime economy. Police, Fire, Traffic, and City Officials.


Buyers & Sellers of Goods and Services in the Hospitality & Entertainment Industries; Beverage, Beer, Wine, and Spirits Manufacturers and Distributors; Professional Equipment Dealers, Distributors and Merchants.


Establishing in 1989 as the National Club Council; 

in 1999 hereinafter named the National Club Industry Association of America also known as the Nightlife & Club Industry Association.

in 2000 we acquired and merged the content and resources of the Night Club Industry AssociationNational Club Association and Club Industry Association.

in 2003 we broadcast the first Digital Club DJ stream on Shoutcast

in 2010 we acquired the domains, content & resources of the Nightlife AssociationNightclub AssociationDJ AssociationRave AssociationFestival AssociationInternational Nightlife AssociationBartender AssociationNational Bar & Tavern AssociationRestaurant Club Association of America;

in 2011 we launched a digital resource network for nightlife industry professionals (job search), (party supplies), (industry newswire), (chart monitoring), (video), (DJ mixes); 

in 2012 we launched the Nightlife Buyers Guide and to promote suppliers to trade show attendees; 

in early 2013 we launched the DRINK festivalTasteCrawl, and DJtvto promote local nightlife communities.

in mid 2013 we acquired the domains below and launched the induction process for next years inaugural Awards and Hall of Fame ceremonies.

in 2014 the Nightlife Foundation and Nightlife Institute were established to oversee all operations, including the inaugural Nightlife AwardsNightlife Hall of Fame, Nightclub AwardsNightclub Hall of Fame, DJ AwardsDJ Hall of Fame, Dance Music AwardsDance Music Hall of Fame, EDM Awards, Producer Awards, Promoter Awards, Bartender Awards, and the Drink Awards, to acknowledge the contributions of the nightlife professionals in our industry.
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